Saturday, 26 January 2013

New novel 2013

I am taking a new direction this year with my latest novel: provisional title Song of Sussex. This is an imaginary biography of a boy born on a Sussex farm in 1920. Richard Dyer has a high IQ and an amazing gift for music. The story traces his life from humble farm boy to iconic world renowned composer and pianist. As well as music Richard flies in the wartime RAF, is wounded and changes to run and conduct a service dance band. Post war Richard settles in Australia with his Australian born wife, Stella. Stella's motive is mainly to drag Richard away from his tangled UK love life. Settled in Sydney Richard gains world wide prestige for his composed music. Richard always sees himself as the little farm boy and cannot accept that he is a genius. But there are still boats in this epic. Yes, Richard is a racing yacht helm who saves his crew in a southern ocean gale. Publication is due July 2013 and a launch at the Selsey book fair.