Saturday, 26 January 2013

New novel 2013

I am taking a new direction this year with my latest novel: provisional title Song of Sussex. This is an imaginary biography of a boy born on a Sussex farm in 1920. Richard Dyer has a high IQ and an amazing gift for music. The story traces his life from humble farm boy to iconic world renowned composer and pianist. As well as music Richard flies in the wartime RAF, is wounded and changes to run and conduct a service dance band. Post war Richard settles in Australia with his Australian born wife, Stella. Stella's motive is mainly to drag Richard away from his tangled UK love life. Settled in Sydney Richard gains world wide prestige for his composed music. Richard always sees himself as the little farm boy and cannot accept that he is a genius. But there are still boats in this epic. Yes, Richard is a racing yacht helm who saves his crew in a southern ocean gale. Publication is due July 2013 and a launch at the Selsey book fair.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

online books

I am working towards my books being on Kindle etc but in the meantime if anyone would like to read my books off a screen I can send the whole text by pdf. Titles available: Emily's Hour, Magdalena's Redemption, Olympic Nemesis and Flanagan's Legacy. For a fee of £4 I can send any of these titles online.

I am making a special sales drive for Olympic Nemesis in 2012. So you may see me in bookshops all around the south coast this summer.

To all my readers I wish you a very happy new year.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Flanagan's Legacy

My latest novel Flanagan's Legacy is now up and running and well received. We've had a great launch party at One Tree Books and I've done one further signing of all my titles at Waterstone's in Chichester. Nice shop and nice people running it. Flangan's Legacy is a mystery thriller based around a seventy-year-old conspiracy. It is as far as I can find out a wholly original plot but it could be summed up as Dan Brown meets the Thirty Nine Steps.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Benham's Sea Mysteries latest. Launch at Selsey and Chichester

On August 9th I will be giving a first outing to my latest novel Flanagan's Legacy. This will be at the Selsey, Meet the Authors held in the church hall Selsey from 2-4pm. This is an integral part of the Selsey arts week.
later in September will be the offcial launch in One tree Books Petersfield.

On Saturday September 17th I will be promoting Olympic Nemesis at Waterstone's branch in Chichester. Olympic Nemesis is as you will guess centred around an Olympic sailing regatta. Emily the teenage abduction victim from Emily's Hour is now seven years on a law graduate and a member of a three girl match racing team. Emily's father, former medal winner Steve has a stroke. He makes his family's life a misery until they take him to Branham Lake (Frensham Pond)and put him in a Paralympic 2.4 mini keelboat.It is a life changing experience that takes him all the way to the Paralympic sailing games at the age of seventy. This unlucky family are never free of trouble and when both Emily and Steve are sailing in their respective teams they find themselves in danger. This is partly because the games are in the volatile but corrupt South American country of Olifa. Olifa was created by the late John Buchan, perhaps our greatest thriller writer. The first half of the book is qualifying for the Olympics,with racing in New Zealand, on the Mediterranean, in Italy and Israel Emily has a turbulant relationship with Tom her fiance and lover who we last met as Tommy the ten-year-old in Flanagan's Legacy. There is danger and humour. Emily and her team lodge in the Olympic village with the UK Badminton doubles pair the exhuberant Essex girls, Sherrie and Saffron from Southend, or as Sherrie says "Sairfaind". This comic duo play a part in thwarting the conspiracy that threatens Emily, Tom, and Steve. Olympic Nemesis has tension, emotion humour and vivid descriptions of yacht racing. I believe whether you are a boat person of not you will be carried along with the characters and the story.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Farnham book signing

Today Saturday 25th June was my book signing in Farnham Waterstone's.
Incredibly I sold out of three of my five titles. You have to work hard on these occasions and it pays to tell everyone you grab that you are a brilliant author. They can make their own minds up as to that after they've bought a book. But you get to meet some interesting people and some bloody minded and rude ones as well. Female readers are easier to sell to, their other halves tend to tell you they "never read books", or have to ask the wife for permission to buy.

It was a lovely afternoon outside the shop and carnival day which reduced the number of buyers but as I nearly sold out I cannot grumble.

Now it's off to another selling date in Chichester. Watch this site.

My new novel Flanagan's legacy is now in the hands of the printers and we await the proof copy. I hope to launch it in August at the Selsey book fair and then have my big launch in Petersfield One Tree in September.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Signing at Farnham

We had a great day out at Waterstone's in Alton. Thank you all my friends who supported me on the day. A glorious sunny day,with live music in the street and hundreds of people in their summer holiday gear. So it was hardly surprising that numbers coming into the bookshop were down. However we sold thirteen books of all my titles so I can't complain and the shop was happy.

On Saturday 25th June we move to Farnham Waterstone and this time I will be giving £1 per title sold to Farnham Disabled Sports Assn or FSAD. Olympic Nemesis has strong links to Frensham Sailability. Branham lake that first appeared in Emily's Hour is Frensham and several Frensham members have walk on parts in Olympic Nemesis. We follow once again Emily's dad Steve when he has a stroke. He recovers but makes his family's life a misery until they put him in a 2.4 racing boat on Branham Lake. Steve has a life changing experience that day similar to so many that we at Frensham have witnessed. It inspires Steve to aim for the Paralympics. More of the plot I will not give away, only that there is a juicy conspiracy, lots of racing boats and boy girl stuff all coming together in a dodgy South American country.


This year's book, Flanagan's Legacy, is nearly ready for the printer. The novel has a cracking cover designed by Guy Nicholson. We hope to have the first print run in time for the Selsea book fair with the formal launch in September.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

book sales promotion

I'm looking forward to my first book signing session of the summer at Waterstone's bookshop in Alton Hampshire. This is Jim's first time trying to wow the great British public. Then it's on to more signings in Farnham and then we hope Chichester and all points south. I have to thank Waterstone's who have been helpful with advice on how to develop my book covers. Their head office was not happy with my early versions and I think they have a point. I will take their advice. I cannot say the same for the boat book catalogue who sent my promotional material back unopened and unread with a contemptuous, dismissive rejection. When my next book is a world best seller they will not be alowed to touch a single copy.

The latest book Flanagan's Legacy is now being typset ready for the printer and has a cracking good cover by top designer Guy Nicholson. It has a controversial plot, but it is a tale of menace, conspiracy, love and romance with a big dose of offshore sailing.