Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Benham's Sea Mysteries latest. Launch at Selsey and Chichester

On August 9th I will be giving a first outing to my latest novel Flanagan's Legacy. This will be at the Selsey, Meet the Authors held in the church hall Selsey from 2-4pm. This is an integral part of the Selsey arts week.
later in September will be the offcial launch in One tree Books Petersfield.

On Saturday September 17th I will be promoting Olympic Nemesis at Waterstone's branch in Chichester. Olympic Nemesis is as you will guess centred around an Olympic sailing regatta. Emily the teenage abduction victim from Emily's Hour is now seven years on a law graduate and a member of a three girl match racing team. Emily's father, former medal winner Steve has a stroke. He makes his family's life a misery until they take him to Branham Lake (Frensham Pond)and put him in a Paralympic 2.4 mini keelboat.It is a life changing experience that takes him all the way to the Paralympic sailing games at the age of seventy. This unlucky family are never free of trouble and when both Emily and Steve are sailing in their respective teams they find themselves in danger. This is partly because the games are in the volatile but corrupt South American country of Olifa. Olifa was created by the late John Buchan, perhaps our greatest thriller writer. The first half of the book is qualifying for the Olympics,with racing in New Zealand, on the Mediterranean, in Italy and Israel Emily has a turbulant relationship with Tom her fiance and lover who we last met as Tommy the ten-year-old in Flanagan's Legacy. There is danger and humour. Emily and her team lodge in the Olympic village with the UK Badminton doubles pair the exhuberant Essex girls, Sherrie and Saffron from Southend, or as Sherrie says "Sairfaind". This comic duo play a part in thwarting the conspiracy that threatens Emily, Tom, and Steve. Olympic Nemesis has tension, emotion humour and vivid descriptions of yacht racing. I believe whether you are a boat person of not you will be carried along with the characters and the story.

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