Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Signing at Farnham

We had a great day out at Waterstone's in Alton. Thank you all my friends who supported me on the day. A glorious sunny day,with live music in the street and hundreds of people in their summer holiday gear. So it was hardly surprising that numbers coming into the bookshop were down. However we sold thirteen books of all my titles so I can't complain and the shop was happy.

On Saturday 25th June we move to Farnham Waterstone and this time I will be giving £1 per title sold to Farnham Disabled Sports Assn or FSAD. Olympic Nemesis has strong links to Frensham Sailability. Branham lake that first appeared in Emily's Hour is Frensham and several Frensham members have walk on parts in Olympic Nemesis. We follow once again Emily's dad Steve when he has a stroke. He recovers but makes his family's life a misery until they put him in a 2.4 racing boat on Branham Lake. Steve has a life changing experience that day similar to so many that we at Frensham have witnessed. It inspires Steve to aim for the Paralympics. More of the plot I will not give away, only that there is a juicy conspiracy, lots of racing boats and boy girl stuff all coming together in a dodgy South American country.


This year's book, Flanagan's Legacy, is nearly ready for the printer. The novel has a cracking cover designed by Guy Nicholson. We hope to have the first print run in time for the Selsea book fair with the formal launch in September.

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