Wednesday, 1 June 2011

book sales promotion

I'm looking forward to my first book signing session of the summer at Waterstone's bookshop in Alton Hampshire. This is Jim's first time trying to wow the great British public. Then it's on to more signings in Farnham and then we hope Chichester and all points south. I have to thank Waterstone's who have been helpful with advice on how to develop my book covers. Their head office was not happy with my early versions and I think they have a point. I will take their advice. I cannot say the same for the boat book catalogue who sent my promotional material back unopened and unread with a contemptuous, dismissive rejection. When my next book is a world best seller they will not be alowed to touch a single copy.

The latest book Flanagan's Legacy is now being typset ready for the printer and has a cracking good cover by top designer Guy Nicholson. It has a controversial plot, but it is a tale of menace, conspiracy, love and romance with a big dose of offshore sailing.

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