Friday, 28 January 2011

New book last lap

The best thing, or I suppose the only thing about this horrible weather is that I'm stuck indoors with no choice but to get on and write. The new book is now called "Tangled Retribution" unless I find there is another title out there the same or similar. Once again Emily and husband Tom are involved in tragic events beyond their control. How unlucky are this pair. Four unrelated brutal murders and it seems there's a crazy phycho on the loose. Is Emily a target? The scene ranges from Hampshire to London docklands via Zurich and Melbourne Australia. Journalist detective Dave Manning is two jumps ahead of the police but will he arrive in time to save Emily and her baby? I'm on the last lap with this novel nearly all written during January this year. But it's shorter than my other books at around 50 000 words. Then comes the hard bit. Re-reading, correcting and improving.

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