Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New novel ideas

If you are writing novels often finding an idea that gets you started can be a real problem. I had my book Flanagan's Legacy sitting in a file for nearly twenty years. It's a Dan Brown type conspiracy novel set in 1994. I pulled it out and rewrote parts until I was happy with it.

But people kept asking if I was going to write another book in the series about the Simpson sailing family.
I knew I should but I was stuck for an idea. At the end of Olympic Nemesis we left gold medal winner Emily married and expecting her baby. Then out of the blue came the idea. I was watching the TV  series One Born every Minute the fly on wall series set in a maternity unit. Well why not start a book with the birth of Emily's baby? One thing I've never done is write a traditional whodunnit detective novel. That is a murder, clues, red herrings false leads and then the revelation at the end. So then came the story. A yacht skipper throws a long distance race for money. Shortly after this he is murdered. The man is no loss as he's a violent sexual predator. We are in a murky world of billionaire supermarket chiefs and Swiss business tycoons. Emily thinks she knows who did the murder. But is she right and do subsequent events make the story much more complicated? Watch this space of better still read the book when it's ready.

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